Sanderling Dialysis Center of Ely

Sanderling Dialysis Center of Ely
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February 10, 2021

Sanderling Dialysis Center of Ely

Sanderling Dialysis Center of Ely will open this month, bringing in-center and home dialysis services to Ely and surrounding communities. Sanderling Renal Services USA LLC was approached by the William Bee Ririe Hospital two years ago to determine whether dialysis could be brought here. This month culminates the efforts of Jan Jensen, CEO of William Bee Ririe Hospital and Dr. Jerome Tannenbaum, CEO of Sanderling Renal Services, a provider of dialysis services based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The new dialysis clinic, located at 701 E. 15th Street in Ely, near William Bee Ririe Hospital, will have 3in-center dialysis stations, and a home dialysis training room where the clinic will also offer home hemodialysis or home peritoneal dialysis as well. Equipped with the most advanced technology, Sanderling Dialysis Center of Ely is committed to bringing the finest medical services to renal patients. Sanderling Dialysis Center will also provide in-patient dialysis services to William Bee Ririe Hospital for any patient requiring those services.

Dr. Jim Sullivan is medical director for Sanderling Dialysis Center of Ely. Dr. Sullivan, board certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine, has been a principal with Sierra Nevada Nephrology since August, 2003. He has also served as associate professor of medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno since August, 2005.

Sierra Nevada Nephrology is the largest nephrology practice in northern Nevada. They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure, kidney disease, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, as well as the preparation for and treatment of patients requiring kidney transplants. With nine physicians and four nurse practitioners, Dr Sullivan and his colleagues are well equipped to serve the needs of the renal patients in Ely and the surrounding communities. Dr. Sullivan and his medical partners will be available for renal consultation at the William Bee Ririe Hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sanderling Renal Services and its founder, Dr. Jerome Tannenbaum, are committed to bringing life-saving medical services to communities that need dialysis and renal medicine. A pioneer in renal telemedicine, Dr. Tannenbaum has established a network of more than 100 nephrologists across the country who are able to provide advanced telemedicine services on a 24 hour day/365 day a year basis.

Tom Frontera is Nurse/Manager for the clinic. Tom is a Registered Nurse with 25 years of experience in Critical Care and Dialysis nursing. He served over 10 years as a Critical Care/Triage Nurse with the US Army Nurse Corp. He will be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions. He can be reached at 615-457-7637 or by email at Dr. Tannenbaum welcomes your call as well, his number is 615-467-0140 or you can contact him by email at

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