TeleHealth Technology to provide Neonatology Support

TeleHealth Technology to provide Neonatology Support
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January 14, 2021

TeleHealth Technology to provide Neonatology Support

February 1, 2017 Ely, NV — William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital now provides an extra level of support to newborn babies in need of critical care support in the first hours of life. TeleHealth technology, using high-definition cameras, audio equipment, and televisions in the nursery, allows clinicians in Ely, NV to quickly connect with neonatologists at Dixie Regional Medical Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once connected, the neonatologists provide real-time evaluation of patients and coach bedside clinicians through specialized procedures that can stabilize critically ill babies for transport, or, in some cases, keep babies right here in Ely, NV.

“At William Bee Ririe Hospital our staff are highly trained and deliver many healthy babies,” said Matthew Walker CEO. “However, when a baby is born with unexpected complications, this new program will allow neonatologists within the Intermountain Health System to look at, listen to, and help treat the newborn in real time. This real time consult with our physicians and staff gives us the advantage of having access to the immediate expertise of a neonatologist in Ely, Nevada anytime day or night.”

“Intermountain’s goal is to be a partner on William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital’s care team as they care for patients in the first few hours of life,” says Erick Ridout, MD, Medical Director for the Newborn Critical Care TeleHealth program at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George. “We work directly with the bedside clinicians to provide timely evaluation, support and coaching, and consultation on diagnosis and treatment as necessary.”

“Babies who are born with complications in Ely, NV often have to be transferred to Primary Chilidrens,” Tracie Gust CNO continued. “Since TeleHealth has been installed in Intermountain’s facilities, they’ve supported 216 interactions with newborns and avoided 44 transfers. We’re looking forward to providing babies and parents in Ely every opportunity to have a safe and healthy baby, and keep them as close to home as we can.”

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